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If your website is missing these features, it’s time for an update!

Is your website missing these key features

It is estimated that roughly 81% of all purchases begin with an online search through Google or Bing (Janakiram 2014). Your website needs to be up-to-date, load quickly on mobile devices, rank high on search engines, and be easy to navigate by potential customers. If your site is lacking any of these features then it is having a sizable negative impact on your business.


1) Is your website easy to navigate? Does is load quickly?


The fastest way to lose a potential customer is to make them work to find content that is relevant to what they’re looking for. Location and contact information should be easy to find and clickable. Keeping your website clean and simple is the best approach when it comes to design.


2) Is your navigation bar cluttered?


While your site should be easy to navigate, not every page needs to be included in the menu bar. Limiting your menu to a few key pages is ideal. We have clever ways to make it easy for customers to find those “other” pages.


3) Where is your most important content located?


In keeping with a site that is user friendly, your most important information should be located at the top of the page. Think of the content on your site in terms of a hierarchy- the most relevant, engaging content should be at the top, while content that is less important should fall towards the bottom of a page. The less your customer has to work to find information, the more likely you are to make a sale.


4) Is your site mobile friendly?


Having a website that looks wonderful on desktop is no longer enough. However as technology continues to evolve, a mobile friendly responsive website is an absolute necessity. Part of our process at the Barbauld Agency is to make sure your site is adaptable and functioning no matter what device a user is accessing it from.


If your website needs upgrading, we can help!


We specialize in creating beautiful, custom websites that can be readily accessed by your desired audience regardless of the device they use. If you’re unsatisfied with your current site and would like to discuss upgrading it, give us a call. We would love to start a conversation about how we can help you, and there is never an obligation for our consultations! View our website portfolio here to see our some of our previous work.  


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