Social Media Portfolio

Social Media Portfolio

social media advertising portfolio, Social Media Portfolio

While receiving awards is not a goal, we’re proud when the work we do for our clients gets recognized.

When you’re as committed to client success as we are, people take notice.

Click below to learn more about the variety of international marketing awards we have won over the years.

3 Reasons Our Clients Are Having Success With Social Media Campaigns

At The Barbauld Agency, we use social media as a component of an overall marketing strategy. Yes, we create and manage original content. Our focus, and greatest successes, come from our social media ad campaign management.

Our social media campaigns have resulted in impressive increases in sales for clients because they are:

  1. Affordable – The average cost per click is usually far lower than other digital mediums.
  2. Targeted – Even after the 2018 changes to Facebook’s available demographics, we’ve found ways to find mircotargeted audiences.
  3. Effective – Ask us about the results we’ve seen improving brand awareness, driving traffic to websites, and increasing conversions.

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