Your Target Audience
Your Target Audience

The Power Of Microtargeting

Microtargeting is possible in digital advertising thanks to the wealth of data available about American consumers. This includes customers’ online profiles, demographic information, geographic location, and psychographic data. That data is aggregated and used to predict buying behaviors, opinions, and interests.

At the Barbauld Agency, we have the experience and the tools to help you identify and reach your microtargeted audiences.

The power in using a microtargeted audience approach lies in spending your marketing budget as effectively as possible. Knowledge is power. So let’s show your ad to potential customers whose demographics, location, interests, and behaviors are similar to your current customers.

This knowledge will help us make educated decisions on how to structure your “voice,” where to place effective advertising, what products or services you should expand on, and more.

How do you create successful digital advertising in a world that is saturated by ads, images and videos?

You focus your efforts on reaching a microtargeted audience.

target audience, Your Target Audience

Targeting in the 90’s: MTV vs. VH1

Think back to 1995—music television was at its peak. MTV and VH1 were both playing music videos along with half-hour programming including artist profiles and reality shows. It was common to flip between the two channels to find something to watch.

However a closer look reveals the programming was carefully tailored to distinct target markets. MTV was showing programming meant to capture the 21-and-younger market. VH1 was going after the over-21 market. 

The subtle differences in videos and programming carved out a unique market for each channel. It became common knowledge that as you aged, you’d grow out of the programming on MTV but VH1 would be there to keep you entertained in your mid-twenties and beyond.

target audience, Your Target Audience

Microtargeting Today

An upset father walked into a Target outside Minneapolis demanding to speak to the manager. He was unhappy that his teenage daughter received coupons in the mail for baby accessories. The manager could not explain why the coupons were addressed to the teen and apologized.

What the manager did not know was that statistical genius Andrew Pole had figured out 25 specific items, that when purchased together in a short time, meant a woman was expecting. Target used that buying behavior data to target expecting mothers with direct mail.

The manager followed up with the father a week later. It turned out the teen was in fact pregnant.

What we hope that you take away from this is, when used correctly, the data available today allows us to spend your marketing budget more efficiently than ever.

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