Healthi Paws Case Study - The Barbauld Agency
2 Locations in Valpo. One on the Northside on Calumet (original) and the second on US 30rd.

The Power of Social Media

Healthi Paws is a locally owned grooming and pet food store in Valparaiso, IN. In August 2014 Healthi Paws hosted a sale offering 20% off the total purchase of food and treats. Promotion for that sale was handled solely by the client, and relied heavily on radio advertising. The client concluded that the sale was unsuccessful due in large part to the high cost of radio promotion. We began managing Healthi Paws’ social media in mid-2014. ( By the start of 2015 we had established a loyal community of followers. In May 2015 Healthi Paws hosted a second Mega Sale event with the objective of increasing long-term sales and boosting brand awareness in Valparaiso, IN and surrounding communities. Healthi Paws wanted to bring in customers who were new to the store and make them aware of the healthy products they carry for a variety of pets. Advertising for this sale relied heavily on social media. Aware of the audience we had already captured on social media, we also targeted new fans. The campaign kicked off the week before the sale. The social media aspect included pictures of product arrivals, sale images, caption-this-photo contests, promoted posts and offers. Healthi Paws also advertised in the local paper both in print and online.

The impact for this local business.

By noon of the first day of the sale the client reported that hourly sales were equal to their daily average.

On the second day of the sale, the turnout and bottom line were similarly successful.

Healthi Paws’ objective for the sale was to increase long-term sales and boost brand awareness.

Both objectives were met successfully.

Examples of our work.

  • Eye-catching images
  • Promoting
  • Social media
  • social media