Marketing Your "Voice" - what it means at The Barbauld Agency

We don’t just throw sales ads together or post announcements about your upcoming event. We build your marketing around your "voice".

After doing the market research and identifying your target markets we will work with you to develop your "voice”. At The Barbauld Agency, developing your "voice" means working with you to determine how you want to communicate with the public. For example, will your marketing messages be humorous, informative, authoritative, professional, juvenile, or caring? How do you want your business to be perceived by the public? Determining your "voice" will answer these questions and more.

Part of creating your voice includes branding and positioning. Our branding and positioning efforts will touch every part of your business. We are passionate about creating a unique brand for each of our clients and then executing a cohesive look and message throughout everything we create. The importance of branding and positioning cannot be overstated. Read about the success Heinold & Feller has experienced from our branding efforts here.

Creating Your “Voice”

Think about this...

A quick example of how we approach branding and positioning

Let’s say we are planning our first in person meeting. We decide to meet for coffee, and I suggest Dunkin Donuts. You might think, “huh, not what I would have suggested.” Then I correct myself, and suggest Starbucks instead. You think, “that sounds better.” Dunkin Donuts is a place you rush by on your way to somewhere. Starbucks is a place you feel comfortable having a meeting and lingering a bit. They both serve a variety of beverages and treats, so what makes the difference in perception? Branding and positioning!

Nobody counts the number of ads you run.
They just remember the impression you make.

- Bill Bernbach