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Why is it important to define your target markets?

You probably recognize your customers by sight, name, or just their email address. We understand that you know who your current customers are. Our research will uncover who your target market currently is, and who it should be.

Why does knowing your target market matter if you already know who your customers are? Uncovering the details of your target market will reveal their age, level of income, location, gender, marital status, level of education, ethnic background and occupation and maybe even if they have a pet!

This knowledge will help us make educated decisions on how to structure your “voice”, where to place effective advertising, what products or services you should expand on, and more.
You may be saying, “Yeah, I know all of this”. But, do you really know the true demographics of your target market or are you just guessing? Hire The Barbauld Agency to explore that question and we will not only provide the answer, but a marketing plan to reach them.

MTV vs VH1

Think back to 1995 – music television was at its peak. MTV and VH1 – both cable channels, both playing music videos along with half hour programming like artist profiles and reality shows. It was common to flip between the two channels to find something to watch, but the programming was tailored to distinct target markets. MTV was showing programming meant to capture the 21 and younger market. VH1 was going after the over 21 market. The subtle differences in videos and programming shown carved out a unique market for each channel. It became common knowledge that as you aged, you’d grow out of the programming on MTV but VH1 would be there to keep you entertained in your mid-twenties and beyond.

Everyone is not your customer.

- Seth Godin

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