Nancy’s Cake Appeal Campaign - The Barbauld Agency

A social media campaign turns out sweet for a local bakery.

About the Company

Nancy’s Cake Appeal is a local bakery and pastry shop. They specialize in custom wedding cakes, celebration cakes, made-to-order desserts, and a range of pies and pastries. Nancy’s Cake Appeal also has a retail space dedicated to a large selection of cake decorating supplies. They also host cake decorating classes and birthday parties.


The client’s biggest obstacle was a common one – getting the word out about their location and their services. Nancy’s Cake Appeal asked us to help build awareness and increase sales of wedding cakes and bookings for birthday parties.


Given the client’s budget constraints, we used social media to maximize the impact of this campaign. Using custom images that promoted their brand, we applied our expertise to design a campaign specifically targeted to attract women who would be interested in wedding cakes. The Facebook campaign ran in three installments, each lasting three weeks. The campaign reached over 10,000 people, had several hundred Facebook reactions, and 60 shares. Wedding cake orders in the first quarter increased 200%, compared to the previous year.