The Barbauld Agency - a marketing & advertising agency

About The Barbauld Agency

The Barbauld Agency exists to make our client’s passion known. The business owners that we work with are passionate about what they do. Our number one priority is helping clients advertise effectively and grow their business.

Getting to know our clients’ business on a deep level and creating effective marketing to achieve their objectives is the greatest joy in our work. We are known for meeting employees, being at the store, learning about the products, and more. We’ve found that our close relationship with our clients allows us to constantly come up with fresh ideas and messages that are unique to each client’s “voice”.

We are a full service marketing and advertising agency in the Midwest. Our office is located in Valparaiso, Indiana.


We sincerely feel that the best part of our job is working with our clients. Of course, it’s always nice to get positive feedback on the work we create. The Barbauld Agency has been recognized with prestigious awards from some of the following Hermes Creative Awards, Davey Awards, MarCom Awards, AVA Digital Awards, Communicator Awards, and Summit International Awards.


Our mission, and drive behind everything we do is to help to make our clients’ passion known through elegantly designed ads, well thought out strategies, and a dedication to our customer's success.