Catherine's Bridal Boutique Case Study - The Barbauld Agency
Located in the heart of downtown Valparaiso

Marketing success on a limited budget

Catherine’s Bridal is a locally owned boutique the specializes in dresses for brides, bridal parties, formal dances, and special occasions. When we first met the client, they were focused on selling dresses but had not developed an overall branding strategy. The challenge came from working with a limited marketing budget but still pushing ourselves to be outrageously creative. A lot of advertising and marketing agencies won’t give a client the time of day unless there is a sizeable marketing budget. Our team at The Barbauld Agency has been able to find success for a variety of clients regardless of the scope of their budget. We began by developing a branding strategy for the client that would send a consistent message across all media channels. The plan included a new logo, business cards, website makeover, social media messages, and print ad. The strength of the branding for this client comes from unique, custom image identifiers that now appear in each piece of marketing material created.

How building a strong brand impacts business.

T he key on a limited budget is repetition with a strategy. Our strategy for Catherine's Bridal Boutique was laser-like focus on reaching their target market. We achieved it through ads in local trade publications, social media campaigns, and display ads. With each element we were able to focus our efforts on newly engaged women, high school students looking for formal dresses, and women 25 and older who attend holiday parties, etc. Our efforts at repetitive, finely targeted ads helped build brand awareness for this locally owned boutique.

Examples of our work.

  • Catherine's Bridal Boutique
  • Catherine's Bridal Boutique
  • Catherine's Bridal Boutique