Heinold & Feller Case Study - The Barbauld Agency
Their main location is in Valparaiso and their second store is located in LaCrosse Indiana

Developing a Brand

As an established business in the community, Heinold & Feller had experience with advertising but they were struggling with a few areas. First, they were still often referred to as "the Firestone Dealer". Thanks to product expansion and diversification, their business had grown to being much more than the area's Firestone dealer. Second, they were advertising in numerous ways throughout the community, but they were not sure how the specific ads were performing. Third, without a dedicated graphic team, the look of their ads varied greatly. There was no consistency in the color, layout, font, or message of their ads. If you placed two separate Heinold & Feller ads next to each other, but covered the logo, you would never know they were for the same store. Our first step was to come up with a consistent palette to be applied to every ad. Consistency in the colors and font used in everything created for Heinold & Feller was critical in building brand awareness. Whether the ad was for tires, automotive, or lawn and garden equipment, we wanted customers to recognize the Heinold & Feller look. The new branding was carried through to every aspect of their business - from in store signage, to reminder cards, to business cards. The second step was to create their "voice" to determine how their message would be communicated with the public. Developing their "voice", and a slogan that spoke to the heart of why they do business, is the common thread that ties together auto repair, tire sales, and lawn and garden equipment. The third step was to develop customized advertising to overcome being perceived as "the Firestone Dealer". Heinold & Feller sells big name brands in all of their departments. Often, those big brands supply retailers with pre-made advertising that allows the retailer to just add their logo to and use. The problem using these ads create is that they aren't customized to the retailers branding palette. Rather than using the "canned" ads, we create customized advertising that includes the big name brands but is presented in a way to stays true to Heinold & Fellers branding and consistent palette.

How building a strong brand impacts business.

H einold & Feller is a full service auto repair shop, a tire service center, and a lawn and garden equipment retailer. Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, they are a family owned business with over 55 years of experience. The Barbauld Agency began working with Heinold & Feller in 2010 as their full service marketing agency.

A few pieces from the campaign

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